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The consistent product quality achieved by Medisteel Company is highly regarded by customers in Egypt. Such recognition is the result of experience and policy combined with a quality Management System developed according to ISO 9001:2008,

We are supported by a team of qualified engineers, chemists and technicians, besides states-of-the-art laboratories
for quality inspection and measurement techniques to ensure Egyptian standard specifications. Sample is taken
periodically and randomly by quality inspectors to carry out destructive or non-destructive testing through quality plan to ensure Egyptian standards.



Test Stages:

1. Yield Strength
2. Tensile strength
3. Check for any defects such as cracks in Rebar’s
4. Checking the weight specifications

* Raw Material Inspection to ensure compliance with Egyptian standards.

* In-process Inspection.

* Finished products final inspection.

Medisteel Quality Control laboratory is equipped with latest testing equipment and manned with qualified and experienced engineers; The Testing Machines is used for testing physical properties of rebar’s as given below